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L-R: ADPP Mr Lee Burney, ADPP Mr Mosese Korovou, DPP Mr Christopher Pryde, ADPP Mr Michael Delaney, ADPP Mr Vinsent Perera (now Justice Perera)

Assistant Directors of Public Prosecutions (ADPP)

The Assistant DPPs play an advisory role to the DPP and a managerial role in governing the (legal) operational functions of the ODPP on behalf of and on the directions of the DPP.

The ADPPs assist the DPP in the smooth and efficient functioning of the ODPP by ensuring that all criminal cases are prosecuted in accordance with the law in a timely manner.

In assisting the DPP in the efficient management of the ODPP and in the enforcement of the criminal laws in Fiji, they are expected to keep themselves up to date with local and global developments in criminal jurisprudence and procedures.

Accordingly, they actively contribute towards staff professional development by participating and conducting regular trainings for State Counsel and play a mentoring role for the entire ODPP team.

They also play a proactive role in raising public awareness of criminal legal issues, with special focus on changes in criminal law and procedures.

The ADPPs also assist the DPP in developing and implementing strategic policies that contribute to the development and management of prosecution standards and help modify operational systems to enhance service delivery.

Additionally, ADPPs are responsible for case file allocations to each State Counsel. They also prosecute trials and appear for appeals in the High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court of Fiji.