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The ODPP has an active sports and social events calendar

Social Life

Our Wellbeing and Social Programmes

We recognise the importance of a healthy and motivated workforce, hence, are committed to maintaining an active sports and social calendar throughout the year.

The ODPP Sports and Social Committee offers a number of social and wellness programs, including:

Sports Club:

  • Futsal every Wednesdays;
  • Soccer and Touch Rugby on Fridays;
  • Squash and Tennis on Saturdays;
  • Annual Family Fun Day, and
  • Participation at the Public Service Commission (PSC) organised annual Sports Day.

Book Club:

  • The ODPP Book Club selects a book for all interested staff to read over a month. An evening is then scheduled to get together and discuss the book, share laugher and fun over a glass of red and dinner.

Social Club:

  • Celebration of staff birthdays– We at the ODPP celebrate each other’s birthday in an effort to recognise each staff’s commitment to the overall ODPP family.
  • ODPP Annual Black Tie Christmas Dinner -ODPP concludes its year with a black tie formal dinner for its staff to finish the year on a high note but more importantly to recognise the efforts the staff make during the busy year. Funds are raised through the year to host the Annual Black Tie Christmas dinner.

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  • Celebration of national festivals– The ODPP celebrates diversity through celebrations of national festivals such as Diwali and Eid. The ODPP is one of the most diverse public offices, with eighty staff from nine different ethnicities.

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Community Outreach:

  • Community Service – A group of ODPP staff take time out every month on a Saturday to carry out community service. They started with a “clean-up” by picking up garbage along the shorelines. They also assist in clean up and beautification projects at an old age care home, Father Law Home in Lami, every second month. Additionally, they visit the Colonial War Memorial Hospital (CWMH) to help with beautification projects and visit the Children’s Ward to spend time with them, whether it be colouring with them or reading to them books we collect through internal, voluntary donations over the month.
  • Careers Fair– The ODPP participates at careers fairs where it sets up information booths to attend to any questions from visiting students and the public about the Office, our role and functions and predominantly to provide information on career prospects to interested individuals.
  • Public Display Week– The ODPP also participates at the annual Public Service Commission’s Display Week where it sets up information booths to help educate the public about the ODPP’s roles and functions, including information on Anti-Human Trafficking campaigns and information about being State witnesses and victims of crime.

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