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The ODPP’s Suva Legal Team

Opportunities With Us

The ODPP offers exciting wide ranging careers paths and opportunities for professional development. Roles such as state prosecutors, assistant DPPs, principal legal officers, administrative professionals are just a few examples. All our staff play a critical role in assisting the DPP in delivering a quality prosecution service.

Professional Legal Positions

Corporate Services Positions

Opportunities to advance professionally

We strongly believe that training and development programmes are essential to sustaining the delivery of a high quality prosecution service.

Our commitment to building capacity within the ODPP is rooted in our governance structure which has translated into an internal policy establishing the ODPP Training Committee (“Committee”) to ensure that all staff attend mandatory training on a regular basis.

The Committee is responsible for the organisation of all training, coaching and mentoring programmes for all staff, internally and externally, which in turn aids them in increasing their work productivity and their commitment to assigned tasks and work ethics.

The ODPP has mandatory Monthly Training Workshops and weekly Professional “Talanoa” (discussion) Sessions (“POTS”) for its legal staff.

Monthly Training

The Training Committee, in collaboration with our lawyers, identify key training subjects and specifically design the delivery and resource materials for each of the monthly trainings.

These training days are usually conducted in-house but often by professionals and academics such as former and current High Court Judges and legal consultants invited to participate to ensure our lawyers comply with any continuing legal education developments which apply to them, and that resources are developed and shared to promote consistency in the delivery of our service.

The whole day training is interactive, involves participatory group presentations and a variety of practical activities.

Because the training subjects are well researched, the training materials and group exercises are tailor made to address identified weaknesses and strengthen identified skills of our lawyers, with the overall aim of enhancing productivity.

Each training session is evaluated by gathering feedback from participants which the Committee records to ensure that each training is enhanced to meet standards of high quality.

Presentation of completion certificates at the conclusion of each Monthly Training is also an expression of the ODPP’s commitment towards the career development of its employees.

Professional Talanoa Sessions (POTS)

Knowledge and experience sharing among colleagues is part of our culture at the ODPP.

We devote every Friday afternoon for POTS, where legal officers discuss issues and concerns that one may have encountered whilst attending to their matters in court during the week.

Discussions include issues relating to court ethics and in court etiquette and how legal staff can better their performance, especially in advocacy. POTS also serves as a coaching and mentoring platform where the DPP, ADPPs and senior lawyers listen and exchange experiences with the junior counsel.

External Training and Development

Apart from the in-house trainings, the ODPP facilitates participation of ODPP lawyers at external, local and international training workshops, including the annual Attorney-General’s conference.

The ODPP lawyers also conduct training for other organisations such as the Police Academy and conduct a variety of training programmes for prosecutors from other government agencies. These take the form of a six-week basic prosecution course in the first quarter of the year followed by a six-week advanced prosecution course in the second half of the year.