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The ODPP offers wide ranging career opportunities

Working at the ODPP

The ODPP is an equal opportunity employer and is of the strong belief that providing equal opportunities to all and applying a “merit-based appointment” approach is critical for any organization’s success.

All decisions relating to new appointments, promotions, transfers, placement, terminations and staff development are made through a structured and transparent process that is subject to review.

Appointments and promotions are based on merit, using an open and competitive selection process and staff development and training programmes are provided on equal basis to all staff, taking into consideration gender equality and anti-discriminatory policies.

Workplace Diversity

The ODPP is one of the most diverse public offices, with ninety six staff from nine different ethnicities.

The ODPP is firmly committed to creating and sustaining a working environment where people of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds work together and contribute to each other’s professional development as well as that of the ODPP.

Our employees are encouraged to  always act with integrity and respect towards fellow work mates and members of the public while discharging their duties.

The Corporate Services Division has the responsibility of ensuring that policies supporting work place diversity are effectively implemented and adhered to.

Harassment, Bullying and Discrimination

The ODPP is committed to upholding the rights of individuals to be free from any form of discrimination, bullying and harassment at the work place and there is a zero tolerance policy towards such behaviour.

While there are preventative policies and disciplinary procedures in place to address workplace harassment and discrimination issues, employees of the ODPP are expected to behave with courtesy towards others and as dignified individuals are encouraged to report such matters to the Human Resources Manager.